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Our Quality Policy

/ Our Quality Policy


From the first day of its establishment, Hamboya has acted with the consciousness of a task that best satisfies these expectations by keeping customer demands and preferances in the first place. With the experience in the industry and in the dealing with the clients, commercial activities found in both domestic and foreign markets, Hamboya has become a guide company and supplies dyed fabrics to the leading brands of the sector. When it comes to the environmental protection, we also have systems and purification facilities with international standards. The health, safety and environmental sensitivity of Hamboya employees is a top priority in our company policy and is at the forefront of our working principles.

In order to offer the best quality products to the customers in the most accurate way, Hamboya follows technological developments closely and serves as world standards. In order to develop qualified human power in the sector and to ensure its permanence, has prepared the ground necessary for employees to develop themselves and their potentials, aiming to be a leader in this discipline and predicted quality and every field production.

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